Ice Cream Flavors

This symbol indicates an amazingly delicious GLUTEN FREE ice cream flavor

*Indicates in stock now.

Birthday Cake*

Cake Flavored Ice Cream with Cake Pieces with Swirls of Blue Frosting and Sprinkles

Black Cherry – Hudsonville*TinyGlutenFree

Black Cherry Flavored Ice Cream with Black Cherries

Blue Moon-Hudsonville*TinyGlutenFree

Sky Blue Ice Cream with an Almond Flavor

Butter Pecan-Homemade Brand*TinyGlutenFree

Roasted Pecans Mixed into Butter Pecan Flavored Ice Cream

Caramel Turtle CheesecakeTinyGlutenFree

Caramel Filled Chocolate Turtles, Pralines and Butter Caramel Swirled in Cheesecake Flavored Ice Cream

Cake Batter

Cake Batter Flavored Ice Cream Swirled with Chocolate Icing

Coconut Almond Chip

Our terrifically tropical coconut ice cream is rife with flakes of real coconut. It’s also crowded with clusters of roasted almonds and overflowing with oodles of our own Homemade blend of dark chocolate chips. Every spoonful’s swoonful.

Candy Playdough

Blue Moon Ice Cream Sprinkled with Red, Yellow & Green Cookie Dough Pieces

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough– Homemade Brand

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Chunks & Chocolate Pieces in Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream

Chocolate ChipTinyGlutenFree

Vanilla Ice Cream loaded with rich dark chocolate chips.

Chocolate Monster*TinyGlutenFree

Chocolate Flavored Ice Cream with Fudge Pieces and Peanut Butter Ripple

Chocolate- Homemade BrandTinyGlutenFree

Thick, Rich & Creamy Ice Cream

Coffee Lovers Dream*TinyGlutenFree

Coffee Flavored Ice Cream with Rich Chocolate Chips

Cookies & Cream- Homemade Brand

Large Pieces of Oreo® Cookie Blended in a Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream

Double Chocolate Almond – Hudsonville BrandTinyGlutenFree

Chocolate Almond Cluster in Chocolate Flavored Ice Cream

Eskimo Kisses*

Coconut Flavored Ice Cream with Coconut Flakes & Chunks of Dark Chocolate

Grand Traverse Bay Cherry Fudge – Hudsonville BrandTinyGlutenFree

Amaretto Flavored Ice Cream, Cherry Pieces and Thick Fudge Swirls

Lemon Sorbet*

Sweet and flavorful lemon non-dairy sorbet.

Great made into a chill!

Mackinac Island Fudge – Hudsonville BrandTinyGlutenFree

Butter Fudge Swirled in Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream with Chocolate Fudge Pieces

Mint Chocolate -Homemade BrandTinyGlutenFree

Mint Flavored Ice Cream with Rich Chocolate Pieces

Deer Tracks*TinyGlutenFree

Peanut Butter Cups and Thick Chocolate Fudge in Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream

Orange SherbetTinyGlutenFree

Rich & Creamy Orange Sherbet

Paintball Blast*TinyGlutenFree


Rainbow SherbetTinyGlutenFree

Raspberry, Lime & Orange Sherbet

Raspberry Sorbet*TinyGlutenFree

Sweet & Flavorful Raspberry NON DAIRY Sorbet. This is also great if you’re wanting a great “ice cream” treat without all the fat and calories of regular ice cream. Sorbet is a fruit based product.

Raspberry Cheesecake*

Cheesecake Flavored Ice Cream with Strawberry Ripple

Sea Salt Caramel

This Special Recipe is an extraordinary blast of Sweet Cream and Salty Caramel that’s perfect as is, but then you find a Chocolate covered Sea Salt Caramel Truffle, and then perfect gets turned up to 11.

Strawberry Cheesecake – Homemade BrandTinyGlutenFree

Cheesecake Flavored Ice Cream with Strawberry Ripple


Strawberries in Strawberry Flavored Ice Cream

Superman – Homemade Brand

Vanilla, Blue Moon & Black Cherry Ice Cream


Vanilla- Homemade BrandTinyGlutenFree

Creamy Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream

No Sugar Added Chocolate Moose Tracks*TinyGlutenFree

No Sugar Added/Low Fat chocolate ice cream with wonderfully thick, chocolate fudge swirl and peanut butter cups.

No Sugar Added Low Fat Butter Pecan*TinyGlutenFree

Amazing flavor! Butter Pecan Ice Cream with large Pecan pieces throughout.


Ice Cream Flavors May Vary ~ Please Check Availability

TinyGlutenFreeIndicates there is NO WHEAT in the ingredients, the product is NOT altered from the same delicious ice cream Hudsonville has always made. It simply means that those with an allergy to wheat CAN eat it. WE DO CARRY GLUTEN FREE CONES!!

*Indicates in stock.

Due to lack of space on off season times and Hudsonville making certain flavors only in the summer we rotate some flavors, please call for availability 269-657-4841. May-August we carry almost all flavors at all times. If you would like to request a flavor email us,, put “ice cream flavor” in the subject.